Agony 44 KB
Like wading through deep waters.

Drowning Sorrows 43 KB
Friendly groups of bystander stevedores are not always to be trusted.

Overheard 12 KB
From Jim's POV.

Communion 105 KB
A new drug pops up in Cascade.

Loss 16 KB
Jim has a reaction to an experiment.

Rampage 36 KB
What happened to Blair while Jim was on a conference?

Ties 50 KB
Jim is faced with a terrible choice. Updated and expanded from Sentinel Angst dues.

Smarmpires 4 KB
A bit off fluff.



The Sick Series:
Jim discovers a new connection between himself and Blair.

Sick and Tired 31 KB

Sick Of It 52 KB

Sleeping Sickness 20 KB
Jim listens.