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Summary: Just a little Valentine snippet.

Jive Talking

by Twilight (Dawn)


Muted tones of guitar cords and other haunting string instruments floated through their living room, the coffee table pushed back and carpet rolled up to give them enough space.

"I can't believe you talked me into this?" Jim stepped lightly back on his left foot, trying to hold the position Blair had shown him countless times already this morning.

Who knew it could be so hard?

"Uhh...back up the truck, man. This was so your idea, man." Blair swung to the left, taking Jim along with him, easily staying with the beat, his back straight and shoulders locked.

It was true. Jim had opened his mouth and out popped the biggest piece of bullshit...his own ears couldn't even believe what his mouth was saying.

But Mandy was gorgeous, slim and blond, legs going all the way up to...well; it should prove to be an interesting Valentine date.

Jim turned again, arms akimbo as Blair moved in the opposite direction. "How do you remember..."

"Lessons, man. Lots and lots of lessons."

He was swung around again, letting his momentum take him a bit too far and bumped hard into Blair's chest. "Sorry."

Blair huffed out a breath, turning and pushing him back across the hardwood floor. "Pick up your feet, Jim...higher...OW."

Jim jumped back, lifting his foot off Blair's big toe. "Sorry..."

His friend rubbed at his foot through the soft leather of his best dress shoes. "S'kay. Let's try it again."

Jim moved within the arms of his roommate, resting one hand on Blair's shoulder and taking the offered hand. He stiffened and locked his elbows stepping back with his left foot and this time when Blair swung him around he managed to stay in his own space.

"Now you're getting it. That's right...OW."

He dropped Blair's hand and moved away, watching the ritual foot rub from the kitchen counter. "This is never going to work."

Blair plopped down to the sofa, rubbing a hand up and over his hair, tucking a few loose strands behind his ear. "Hey, I'm not the one who told Mandy..."

"Okay, okay...let's try it again."

Blair stood and held open his arms, stepping forward and pulling Jim closer. "Come on man...if you can remember this simple box step combo I'll teach you the Jive."

Jim stepped back on his left foot and spun around, avoiding a collision by a hair's breath, remembering to step back on his right foot, just missing Blair's toe.

He was doing it...

"You're a natural, man...just like that." Blair spun him the other way and he did the steps in reverse, actually believing he might be able to salvage his dance date with Mandy.

And then..."OW."

The End

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