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A Picture of Blair

by Leesa Perrie


Wind. Not blustery, just gently blowing.

Dark. Not total dark, just shadows.

Sorrow. Not heartbreak, just empty.


A house wall behind him. A face in half light.

An image, fixed forever upon his mind. The mind of this watcher.

What sorrow lies in him? What brings him out into the night, alone?

Where is he from? Where will he go?

What is his story?

His past? His future? His now?

A face, glimpsed for a moment, captured in the mind.

An image that touches the heart.

That touches inside.

The watcher turns to leave.

Just a passing stranger, observing a moment in another's life.

Wondering. But not approaching.

Everyone must walk the night time of their soul. Some more so than others.

And it was not for this watcher to interfere. To advise. Not even to observe.

He had his own dark night. His own emptiness to fill.

He walked on by.

The End

Story inspired and based on artwork by Lorraine Brevig that can be found here:


At the time of writing I didn't know it was from BMB and my story is placed later, around the fourth series.

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