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by Meanthis and Lime-chan


Hello, hello, it's me, Lime-chan!

I thought you would like to know that we are still writing on the Sentinel at Hogwarts - Series (and more)! Unfortunately, we are both very busy these days. I'm working hard to obtain my school-leaving exam and Tis-chan has her first exams at the university. (HELP!)
So I decided to give you a hint of what might come up next… (after all, I couldn't stand to NOT write anything at all *sweatdrops*) instead of translating the whole next part (which is utterly complicated) I typed down some of the weird ideas that popped up right inside my head while listening to the teachers or friends or sitting in the bus. Well, of course, most of them are so strange I couldn't even write them in a serious fanfic… *weeee*
But that's okay since I'm the one responsible for the most jokes in fics written together with Tis-chan. After all, she is the real drama-queen… and I'm the class-clown. ^o^

By the way, many, many thanks to all of you, who reviewed! We got lots of fine, funny comments, tips and even a few great images!
LOVE you all! *makeshearteyes*

Uhm, if Tis-chan reads this, she's gonna make me alive. I never denied being crazy although I've been acting more than weird for the last few weeks.
Must be the stress… just wait, only a few weeks longer and I get my Abitur!
Lime-chan runs off into the sunset laughing hysterically…
don't mind. Have fun!

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Sandburg's got the broom.

Simon heard a knock on his window. He looked up slightly disturbed. When Jim entered the room five seconds later, he just could see Captain Banks fainting. Out of the window sat Blair on his broom, grinning wide.

Jim opened the window.

"Chief! What did you do NOW???"

"!What? I just couldn't find a parking space!"


In the train

Blair: Hey, Jim, would you like to have one of those all-flavoured Berty Bott beans?

Jim took one… and another one… and another one…

Blair only noticed that the Sentinel had picked up ALL yummy beans out of the pocket when he didn't get at least ONE adorable…


Are you lost, Chief?

Jim: So, where do we have to go now, Chief?

Blair *looks on his ticket* : Platform 10 5/6.

Jim: You're pulling my leg, aren't you?

Blair: Of course not! There are some reconstructions going on at platform 9 ¾!

(A/N: Tis-chan liked this one a lot, so she finally decided to give it a home in the episode Hogwarts express.)


Halloween party at the bullpen with a wizard? Ooh-oh!

Rafe: Hey, did you see? Hairboy's dressed as a wizard and doing some magic tricks!

Jim *chokesheavily*: What?!?

Rafe: He's very good, you could even believe he's a real wizard! He made a desk fly!

Jim: *sweatdrops*

Rafe: The only problem… uhm… well… he should not have chosen the one with Simon sitting on it!

In the bullpen: Simon still sitting on the floating desk high up in the air, utterly pale.

Simon: I don't want to know. I really don't want to know!


The wand has gone missing

Jim: So what do we do now?

Blair: Uhmmm…at first we could try to defeat the giant chicken of doom before it has finished the coffee!

(A/N: Belongs to Simon's birthday, a part not translated yet.)


It's so strange, isn't it?

Jim: Hey, Chief, I have a question. Why does Simon always loose his consciousness when it comes to you using magic?

Blair: I have absolutely no idea, Jim! *tries to hide the bottle of fainting-drops behind his back*



Jim: Chief, did you have a nightmare last night?

Blair: Dunno, can't remember that well… there was something about the rain forest…. but I could have sworn that I put my wand away before going to bed!

Jim: Alright, I have to go. But PLEASE make sure that you put away the zoo in the kitchen! I really don't like oversized cockatoos, ya know?


Blair is a werewolf!

Jim: Chief, when I told you to stay at the car and call for backup, I did NOT mean to gather all wolves of this state around you and go hunting for that murderer!

You're a bad wolf! Sit!

(A/N: This one popped up into my mind after Tis-chan told me about all those werewolf-stories she started to write a while ago)



Jim: Hachoo! Hachoo!

Lime-chan: Uhm… does it mean I should separate all my fox-tales from the "Sentinel-file"?

Kay-chan: Well, of course! He gives me the creeps, every time I'm with him, he starts to act sooo weird!

Blair: He's not acting weird, he's going to die, baka! He is allergic to foxhairs!

Kay-chan: Cool! Does this mean I can have his room?

(A/N: Kairi is the protagonist in a (large) bunch of short stories I'm writing on. She is one of the mystical kitsune in the Japanese mythology. For those unfamiliar with that topic (you all, hmm?) think of werewolves only as foxes with some special powers... ^_^*)


Draco meets Harry... and Jim!

(Or what Lime-chan worked out for the first time in Hogwarts Express… poor crazy girl)

If Draco appears to visit his most beloved enemy, how does it look like?

He comes up, jumps on the poor boy, hugs him tightly (*Glomps*) and cries: Oh, Harry, my dear enemy! I missed you sooooooo much! There was absolutely no one I could treat as badly as you, you have absolutely no idea about how cruel the last weeks have been!

And come to think of it: Poor Draco! How could he dare to cross the Sentinel's path?

Draco: (notices Jim) Oh, sorry, it must have been the wrong compartment!

Jim: (jumps up and starts to chase Draco with his weapon pulled out): I'm gonna eat you alive!!!

Do we have a blessed protector here, or do we?


A birthday present at the wrong place leads definitely to new decisions…

Jim realized that Simon was sitting on the floor right next to the door of his office. Under his dark tanned skin he looked pale. More than pale.

"Hey, Si, what's up?"

The captain did not answer.

Jim opened the door.

Jim closed the door.


He could barely hear Simon's voice between the loud and strange noises out of the office.

"That is why I DON'T want to know!"

Jim: …

Blair: (shows up at the scene) "Has anybody seen my birthday present? Somebody sent it to the station…"

(A/N: We talk about one of these giant man-eating lillies!)


Finally at Hogwarts!

Blair: Jim, don't go up on the third floor. It is really dangerous. And don't go out into the forest. And don't go to the greenhouse. And... don't go… argh! Don't go anywhere without me, okay?

(A/N: after all, it is quite dangerous!)


And then Jim went to the third floor.

Jim: (faces Fluffy, Hagrid's three-headed petdog) Nice doggy, pretty doggy… could you just go away, doggy?


How did he finance his studies?

Jim and Blair standing in front of the loft door.

Jim: Oops! I forgot the keys inside

Blair sighs and puts out his wand: Alohomora!

The door opens.

Jim: Wow! Does this work with every lock?

Blair: Of course it does. I could even walk into a bank vault without anyone noticing.

Jim: You'd make a very good thieve, wouldn't you?

Blair: …

(A/N: ano… we do NOT think about Fort Knox!)

To be continued…


Meanthis reads the text.

Meanthis looks at Lime-chan.

Lime-chan: …

Meanthis smiles and says: I like it!

Lime-chan: …

Lime-chan: WOAH!! You know you finally DID manage to almost scare me off!!!

Meanthis: Don't worry. There's always another time. I will make you alive one of these days!

Lime-chan *sweatdrops*: Yeah, you wish!

So what will happen if Simon does ever find out the truth about the wizard under his roof? How is Jim going to make it through Hogwarts without major damaged? And why for heaven's sake can't I find my socks?

All these and even more stupid questions will be answered in the next part. Sick, sad, world…

That's it, I'm done- for now.

See you next time (reviews wouldn't be bad either)



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