Rating: PG for Fantasy Violence

Series: Part 2 of "An Everyday Life"

Disclaimer: Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, and "The Sentinel" belong to Paramount and Pet Fly, not me. I knoew this and I write fan-fic anyway out of an abididing love for the show. This story is my creation and my responsibility, not that of any archiver, Kermit 5 or otherwise, so sue me, not them, if you're goining to get hyper about it. Of course, sueing me is a waste of time, as all I have is a neurotic Siamese cat, a best friend who refuses to be taken alive, and several notebooks full of filk song of dubious quality.

Intro: This comes after "Father in Law" in the Everyday Life series. Forgive me if it's an odd little piece, bit it was written in the dentist's waiting room. If I had James Bond technology at the dentist's.... talk about wish-fulfilment!


Night Mission



(The Second Part of "An Everyday Life")

by Grey Bard


The dark corridor extended into the musty distance. The light illuminating it guttered slowly, as if threating to go out, but James Ellison, Covert-ops man and Ranger was utterly fearless. Extending his senses to the fullest, he turned on the goon behind him shooting the hitman before the poor sot knew what hit him.

Stalking through the shadows of the chilled and cavernous hallways, as silent and cunning as his Spirit Guide the panther, Ellison took down assasin after assasin on his way to the secret head quarters of the evil Alec Trevelyan to stop the man's nefarious plan to deceive and conquer the world. All it would take was one clean hit to the evildoer's heavily protected body and he would be able to leave this dank rathole and get to the helicopter pickup point before nightfall.

Stealthily creeping down the stairs to the underground hideout, rifle at the ready, a noise made him freeze "Jim? Jim?"


'De dedle de de dee dee dee, de dedle de de dee da da, de dee dedle daaahhhhh......' Oh, man! He was still at it.

" Jim? Jim?" Blair asked his friend softly "Put down the controls and turn around slowly. It's seven o'clock in the morning. Time to eat breakfast and go down to the station, okay?"

Jim's eyes were dialated and he seemed to be breathing far too fast as he followed Sandburg's instructions dazedly.

"That's right, big guy, turn off the video game," his guide said soothingly, waiting until Jim got back to normal before lapsing into the more normal tones of annoyance. "Jim, I know Simon wanted you to test out the new James Bond game he's going to get his son, but you've been playing since after dinner last night!"

THE END (For Now.......)