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My first drabble written quickly on Thanksgiving morning. For all my wonderful SA friends for whom I am extremely thankful today.

Food For the Soul

by JET


"What are you doing out here, Chief? Kinda cold..."

Long silence...


"Counting stars? Lots out tonight."

Gentle laughter. "Not stars, big guy. It's Thanksgiving, right? I'm counting my blessings."

"A complete, traditional Thanksgiving, Chief? Plenty of food...friends...and introspection."

"Try it sometime, Jim. It's food for the soul."

"So, what's on your list?"


"Your blessings list? What's on it?"

"Lots of things...friends, a job I love, my mom, a home."

Worried blue eyes gaze at the stars. "Good list, Chief. That it?"

A soft smile. "Almost. I left out the number one thing. My sentinel."

Concern fades, replaced by a warm glow. One strong arm envelops slim shoulders as two friends draw closer in the night. A day of Thanksgiving complete. Food to nourish both body and soul.


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