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Father's Day

by slery

******************** 6/17/00

Ellison looked up as his partner strolled over to his desk, "Hey, Chief. Steven and I are going over to my Dad's for lunch on Father's day. Why don't you join us?"

"No way, man. Three Ellisons in one room spending time together, I don't think so." Blair really didn't think he could spend the holiday with anyone.

"Well, you are family." Hell, you're more of a brother than Steven ever was. "And besides I want you to come." It's your fault we are having this get together anyway. You want us to reconcile then you should be there to mediate. The older man had to smile at that.

"No, I already have plans for Sunday."

The Detective raised his eyebrows, "A hot date?"

"Whatever, man." Sandburg then dropped his ever-present backpack on the floor next to the desk. "I'm going to get some coffee you want any?"

"Yeah, thanks." The older man didn't believe his friend. But, he knew sometimes it was best not to push. Sandburg would come around in his own time.


The lunch hadn't been too bad and the Ellison men managed to make it through without any arguments. Jim decided he really didn't want to push it, not to mention he was concerned about his Guide. The young man had been way too quiet when they had breakfast this morning. Besides three hours was more than enough time to spend at any given moment with his father. He said his good byes and headed back to the loft.


Heading up the elevator, the Sentinel stretched out his senses to locate his friend. The young man's breathing was steady and his heart rate was a little slow, must be taking a nap. Upon entering the loft, he deposited his keys in the basket by the door and headed to the smaller bedroom to check on Blair.

Sandburg was curled up on his bed with his glasses half on, half off and a photo album clutched to his chest. The kid couldn't possibly be comfortable. Moving quietly, so as not to wake the younger man, he reached over and removed the glasses from Blair's face and placed them on the night stand. Then the older man carefully started to pry the album from his partner's hands. He was unsuccessful and the other man started to wake up.

"NO!" Sandburg screamed as his look filled with the sadness of someone who's worst secret had just been found out.

"Shh, go back to sleep." Jim tried to reassure him.

"Jim?" Blair looked around, a little disoriented from sleep.

"Yeah, it's me. I was just going to make you more comfortable." He then succeeded in removing the album.

"NO! Don't!" Blair tried to reach for the album that Jim was holding.

"Easy, Chief. I'm not going to do anything with it. I just wanted to move it so you could sleep." Ellison then noticed the dried tear tracks on Sandburg's face. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Blair suddenly became interested in his covers and absently picked at the blanket. "Nothing. I didn't mean to yell."

"So then, what's wrong? It's not like you to yell. Maybe I can help?" The kid was a great one for talking about things until it came to himself. Then you couldn't get a word out of him.

"There's nothing to help with."

"So why were you crying? Is it something in this album?"

"Yes and no." Sandburg really didn't want to be having this conversation.

"Okay, you lost me here, Chief. You know I can't follow your riddles. Speak slow so the Sentinel can understand you."

"Ha, ha. You are like so funny." He then looked up at his friend and reached for the album. "It is both what's in the album and what's not in the album."

Okay, so maybe this is going to be a trip into the Sandburg zone because I still didn't understand him. Sitting down on the small bed with the album closed in his lap, "May I?"

"I guess." Though, he wasn't sure what Jim would do once he found out. Maybe he'll finally kick me out when he finds out how pathetic I am. I mean who would want a partner with this kind of past and one who dwells on it at that.

If the kid answered any softer even a Sentinel wouldn't hear it. Carefully he opened the album and began to look through the pages. Jim had seen other picture albums the kid had, but never this one. All of the pages were covered in what would be considered family type portraits. Not professional portraits but the ones every family has at special events. The pictures all contained Naomi and Blair and some man. There were twenty-five or thirty different men and in every picture Naomi looked stoned out of her mind. How did he survive growing up like this and still become the person he did?

"Chief, how come I've never seen these pictures before?"

"No one ever sees these. I only take them out on Father's day." And you weren't supposed to see them either.


"I always spend Father's day looking at these pictures and wondering if any of them could be my father." He looked away, ashamed. "Then I look at Naomi and know that I don't want any of them as my father."

By this time the tears had started to fall again. "Blair, I'm sorry. Is this why you didn't want to come with me today?" So I let you sit here all by yourself with this burden. What kind of friend am I?

"Yes. I know you don't have a good relationship with your father, but at least you know who he is and have the chance to have a bad relationship with him. I just really couldn't deal with that today." Man, did I really just admit that?

The sobs began in earnest now. Jim sat the album down and pulled Blair in to a tight embrace. Nothing he could do could take away his friend's pain, so he just sat with him until his crying subsided. Blair was completely exhausted now. Jim laid his friend back down on the pillow and pulled the covers up. "Why don't you finish that nap and later we can order pizza and watch the Jags game."

"Thanks, Jim. I'd ... like ..." he didn't even finish his sentence before he was asleep.


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