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Domestic Relations

by Grey Bard

A little fluffy bit, concieved while in the shower, to get me writing again.


Walking in from the rain after a particularly bad day at work, Jim Elllison was greeted by the sight of his friend Blair slumped over his laptop, fast asleep. In that position the younger man looked almost childlike. Jim shook his head.

Children. One more thing he'd probably miss, for Jim Ellison was not as other men. Oh, Blair had convinced him to donate to a sperm bank so that the Sentinel legacy was not lost, but Jim had given up whatever hope he'd had left of an ordinary family life when he finally faced his abilities and what they meant. As a policeman, his life was dangerous enough, but with the zoneouts and severe allergies that came along with his hypersensitivity, he'd now be lucky if he even lived to see his fourty-fifth birthday. Was that any future to offer a woman? Besides, how could he tell her the truth without risking time in a mental institution?

Jim slowly took off his coat and quietly hung it up, not wanting to deprive Sandburg of more sleep than he had to, moving automatically, still lost in thought. Truth to tell, his continuing bachelorhood had stopped bothering him a while ago. Although the women he dated looked nice and felt nice and even often were nice, not one of them inspired in Ellison the urge to tell her his deepest secrets and devote the rest of his life to her. Quite simply, Blair Sandburg had him spoiled.

Life with his roomate was so easy that it scared him. Because of him, Jim had everything that he ever really wanted, even on a purely selfish level. When Blair had whirled into his life like some modern dervish, he had brought with him good food, companionship, and understanding, as well as giving Jim Ellison a much needed new purpose in life. All this without the need to memorize special dates, buy meaningless gifts, or play the constant "Guess what I'm thinking" games that had so characterized his time with Carolyn.

Life with Sandburg around, while never boring, had a certain comfortable familiarity to it. For example, Jim knew that when he woke up from his little nap, Blair would immediately suggest ordering out for pizza because he would be too groggy to seriously cook.


Blair slowly woke up to the sight of Jim standing overhim, wearing that goofy smile that probably meant that Jim was entertaining yet another favorable impression of him that Blair couldn't possibly live up to. Hmmmm, better throw some old fashioned human frailty in there to stop whatever this was before Jim set himself up for too big a disapointment. "Ummmmph, sorry about this, but I'm still a little down. How about we order out for pizza instead?" After all, he didn't want to become too predictable.

What Blair really couldn't understand was why his seemingly innocuous comment only caused his friend's grin to widen.

THE END ( For now........ )