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Charity Shenanigans

by Leesa Perrie


"It's for charity."


Come on Jim, it'll be a laugh!"

"No way Sandburg."

"Come on man."


"But it's for charity."

"So? I'll just give some money instead."

"That's so chicken."

"Is not."

"So is, man."

"Look, just because I don't want to do it, doesn't mean I'm chicken."

"Cluck, cluck."


"Come on Jim, it'll be fun."



"Quit it with the eyes, Sandburg."

"Oh, go on, please."

"No, I am not going to sit in a bath of cold baked beans!"

"You're just no fun, Jim."

"That is not fun; it's stupid and embarrassing."

"Are you at least going to sponsor me?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

"I still say you're chicken."

"I'll give you chicken, with extra feathers on!"

"Jim! No, man, no…I was only kidding…let me go man…no, stop it…ha, ha, ha….stop tickling me….!"

The End

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