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This is the kind of thing you get when you're sugar high and have too much spare time on your hands. In it, the city and her buildings are alive. I know, that's not possible, but humor me, ok? I hope you like the story. If not, let me know. I wanted to put a new twist on the show. We've seen it from Jim's POV, Blair's POV, Simon's, POV, even extras' POV. What about the POV of the great city herself? Surely she would have an opinion on the two strangest men in her city.


by Wolf Guide

It was a warm summer day in Cascade. Since this was such a rarity in Cascade, its citizens were out in droves. This didn't bother her in the least. She loved it when children played in her parks, people walked along her paths and sidewalks, and cars drove down her streets.

There were several people that took care of the great city. There were those who fixed her streets when they were cracked or had holes in them. There were those who helped keep her buildings lighted, heated and have running water. There were those that kept the phone lines working and cell towers sending messages. Those who helped her people when they were sick or injured. And lastly, there were those who stopped the ones who would harm either her roads, buildings, communications, or worst of all, her people.

The worst was always her people. She hated the feeling of their life staining her streets, of their cries in the night, of not being able to do anything to help. It made her angry when one who had harmed another walked down her streets and no one did anything to stop them until it was to late. But, much to her relief, there were people who stopped them. They called themselves 'Police', but to her, they were her saviors. They were her favorite out of all of her people, and there was one group that helped her the most.

They were called 'Major Crimes' and they put the worst of her criminals in jail. In this 'Major Crimes' was a set of men that she felt a special affinity toward. They had the highest rate of stopping those that would harm her and her people. They were called 'Jim and Blair' but she knew something about them that only a select few others in her boundaries knew about.

They were a Sentinel and Guide. She knew about them from a rather chatty piece of a temple from South America. He was brought to one of her schools, where the Guide was studying Anthropology. It told her about Sentinels, they were also called Watchmen. They had heightened senses, and they protected their tribes with their lives.

It also told her about their partners, Guides. They helped their Sentinels keep their scenes from over loading and sending them into something the temple had called a Zone. He had said that when a Sentinel zoned, he lost all sense of what was happening around him. They also had the habit of not listen to their Sentinels when it came to their safety, if it meant that their Sentinel would get hurt. They would follow them anywhere, even into the place they most feared. In her Guide's case, it was heights. Even thinking about them shot his heart rate right through the roof. But still, the pair will risk bodily harm to save a member of their tribe. Given the number of times that her Sentinel and his Guide had taken a bullet, knife wound, been drowned, thrown through a window/ off a moving vehicle/ up against a wall, drugged, nearly blown up, in defense of either herself or one of her people that she was sure that the two young people were what the temple said they were. She would watch, as they would track a rather insane person who had threatened to blow up HER buildings, and, in a matter of hours, they had stopped him/her and had defused the bomb. Even if they weren't within her limits they always managed to get both in trouble and out of it. Like nearly getting blown up at sea. Found out about that one from the ocean. She was more than willing to tell Cascade about the pair of men that had gotten that disgusting gunk out of her waters.

True, the Sentinel did have a certain bad luck with cars, make that anything on two or four wheels, he HAD trashed several in his time, but his Guide's car was a real piece of work. It broke down more times than it ran but he continued to drive it. Why he didn't get a new car was beyond her but then they were always a strange pair. And their boss, 'Simon' was as bad with cigars and coffee as they were with cars. Every day he was either smoking one of those death sticks, or he was drinking a new blend of that drink. She didn't mind the drink; its aroma had a way of waking her out of her slumber, and when some dropped a little on her, the taste made her snap awake.
Smiling, the great city sat back and watched as her protectors stopped yet another psycho from blowing one of her more important bridges. They had discovered what she had already known. That the person, Jason, they called him, was angry with them for putting his brother in jail, where he belonged. Of course that wasn't what she would have called him, threatening her people, saying he would knock down one of her bridges. To put it mildly, she was pissed. If given the chance, she would have opened up her streets and swallowed him then and there, putting a stop to his threats and terror on the spot. He had already bombed two other buildings, no one was killed, but a child was hurt. She had listened as he had outlined his plan to a picture of his brother, Billy. It made her so angry that she had to listen to him plan to hurt her city and not be able to tell her Sentinel and Guide what he was going to do.

Well she didn't need to worry any more. They had figured it on their own. Jim had traced the bombing back to 'Jason' by figuring out who had a vendetta against him, a rather LONG list, and used his sense of smell to identify 'Jason's' cologne to each of the previous explosions. That, and a little, good, old fashioned detective work, and they had their man. She needed to stop doubting them. They always came through for her, no matter the cost. Suddenly, she realized that the two men she was thinking about were talking. She listened in, as they talked to one another, totally unaware that she was listening in on their conversation.

"Jim, that was so totally scary. If we had been a moment later...He would have done it, I know he would have. All those people, dead, because some wacko decided that his brother didn't belong in jail even though he killed 5 people, one of which was a child. Why would he do such a thing?" asked the young Guide, anger and confusion showing in his blue eyes.

'That's what I'd like to know, young one. Because when we know the answer, then people will stop hurting my people and buildings, not to mention the two of you. I swear, the hospital says you two are in there so many times that his staff had to open up your own personal drawn in the filling cabinet for the both of you.'

"I don't know, Chief. People are strange like that. They seem to think that what they want and believe have to be true. They don't seem to understand that they can't do what ever they want to get revenge. If he wanted, he could have gone to see his brother any time he wanted, not demand that we let him go 'or else'." Shaking his head, the Sentinel looked toward the car that held 'Jason'.

Sighing, the tall man put his arm around his Guide's shoulders and headed off to find his captain and let him know they were ok. As they turned their backs to the car, it's door flew open and the man inside threw a strange looking set of bracelets away and took of toward the Sentinel's truck, which still had the keys in it, he hadn't had time to grab them when they had arrived at her bridge. The nearest 'police officer' was to far away to grab him, so the city decided that she had to take matters into her own hands. The man never knew what hit him. One moment, he was seconds away from the truck, the next he was hanging on to the side of a ten-foot long fissure that had opened right underneath his feet and threatened to swallow him if he let go. The Sentinel, his Guide, and their captain were the first to get to the man. Reaching, the two older men reached down and grabbed 'Jason' as the Guide pulled a length of plastic out of his pocket. It looked like those that the 'Riot Police' used on her people when they got a little to rowdy.

Nodding her head, the great city watched as the Guide pulled the plastic tightly around 'Jason's' wrists. The second they had the man safely in custody and were far enough away, she closed to hole that she had made. Didn't want someone to fall in while they were trying to figure out how that hole had got there.

She chuckled as she watched the expressions on the men's faces. She couldn't really blame them. To them, one moment the man was running, next he fell into a hole that just 'suddenly' opened under his feet, and just as 'suddenly' closed the moment he was out of it. She watched as her Sentinel and guide looked at one another.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think that the city did that on purpose. But that's not possible, right Jim, Simon?" said 'Blair' as 'Jason' was driven away with someone sitting with him.

"Don't even go their Sandburg. I have enough weird things going on with you two without a city that decides it wants to be a police officer," said Simon as he glared at the young Guide.

Who was he to say what she could and couldn't do? It was her city, not his. She decided to show him who was boss. She gave the land under him a little tug. One moment he was glaring at her guide, the next he was sitting on his butt, bud eyed, mouth hanging, looking at the piece of land he was just standing on. It was now 8" higher than the land that the Sentinel and Guide were standing on. For a moment, neither of the three moved, then the Guide started to shake. Then a laugh could be heard. Soon his Sentinel could be heard joining in. In seconds, both were holding their sides, they were laughing so hard. Their captain could only sit there, to shock to anything. Then he was standing on his feet, both glaring at his men and looking at the ground, trying to judge if it was safe to stay standing. It was the Guide that spoke first.

"If I were you Simon, I wouldn't try to tell the city what she can and can't do. It is her land that we're standing on. She showed that twice on the past ten minutes." As soon as he finished, the young Guide started to chuckle all over again. 'Simon' glared at the young Guide one more time before he turned to the Sentinel.

"If anyone hears about this, it's coming out of your hide," he said, before turning to the Guide to make him see if he understood that the same applied to him.

The city shook her head. 'Can't have him threatening MY Sentinel and Guide' she thought. She reached so the land that she had shifted moments before, the same land that 'Simon' had been standing on moments before. Giving it a tug, the city pulled it back so that it was level with the land around it. All three looked at it for a moment.

"It looks like you have another admirer, Chief," the Sentinel said as 'Simon' swallowed, and shifted his sight from the Guide, to the land she had put back into place, then back to the Guide.

"I need sleep. Sorry I yelled at you, Sandburg. Goodbye," and with that 'Simon' glanced once more at the spot of land, turned, and headed toward his car. It was only the city and her Sentinel that heard him mumbling under his breath.

"Sorry about what I said back there. If you want to be on the force, I'll let you be on the force, just let me get home in one piece, that's all I ask."

"Let's go Chief, Simon's not the only one who needs sleep. Neither has slept much in days. We need to be well rested to explain how we caught Jason in court." The Sentinel smiled as his Guide groaned at that thought. But the city knew that all was well. The two of them would think of something and would be ready to tackle the next person that meant her harm. Right before she stopped listening to them and went to talk to Rainier University, she would want to know about what happened to one of her favorite students, Cascade caught a brief exchange.

"You don't think that the city really did have anything to do with the land moving like that do you Jim?"

"Why, afraid that it might happen to you if you do something to anger her, like litter?"

"No! I never litter," this caused Cascade to roll her eyes. She couldn't begin to describe the number of times he had dropped something on her, either on purpose or not. "It's just that, think about it. The city is ALIVE. I mean really think about it. What if someone really ticks her off one of these days? She had the power to just open up the earth and swallow them whole. One moment there, the next, CRACK, there's a hole in the street and the person is gone."

"I don't think that she will do that. Look at today. She had the option to do that and she didn't. She just stopped him from getting away, not kill him. No, I don't think that she'd do that. Anyway, she hasn't yet and I don't think she'd ever go that far. As for you and me, we are going home and getting some sleep. Lets go," and with that, the Sentinel put both his hands on his Guide's shoulders and steered him toward their truck, despite his protests.
Later that night, after an afternoon of gossiping with Rainier and the police station, Cascade headed back toward the park. She had spent the better part of the day with Rainier and just wanted to unwind. That incident at the bridge had shaken her deeper than she would have liked to admit. Never mind keeping the poor bridge from shaking herself into a thousand pieces. Lying down, Cascade looked at the stars. Smiling, she thanked every star in the sky for sending her both the Sentinel and Guide. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep, knowing that if she needed them, her protectors would be there at the drop of a hat, or bomb switch, pull of a gun's trigger, drawing of a knife, or what ever the case may be.


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