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Spoilers:Switchman, Siege

Summary: Blair's first autopsy

Warnings: Graphic, well it is an autopsy folks.

The Autopsy

by Susan Monica


Jim pushed open the doors to the Morgue and propelled his still complaining partner through them. "What is your problem, Chief? Dr. Cray left a message to meet him here. Maybe he found something to help us with this damn case."

"Jim, just the man I was looking for." A slender man dressed in green surgical scrubs greeted them as they came into the room. He was as tall as Jim, with a shock of white hair pulled back into a ponytail at his neck. "I'm just finishing up, but I found something quite interesting. Here you go." Dr. Cray tossed a pair of rubber gloves at Jim. "You were worried the bullet was a hollow point caliber. Well you were right. Here, let me show you. Hey Sandburg, you guys just come from lunch?"

Blair rolled his eyes and said, "Lunch? No, I haven't had lunch."

"Hey, quit complaining, Sandburg. I offered you some of mine. You turned your nose up."

"Please. Doc, only Ellison would consider shoving two chocolate peanut butter bars and a Coke down his throat a meal. That's what he calls "fast food".

"It's part of the food group and it'll keep me going for the rest of the day Junior."

"What food group? Man, you are amazing. You think soda and candy are part of a food group. I'm starving! I need real food. You know, like a nice salad, and maybe a tofu burger with beefsteak tomatoes and onions." Jim looked at Dr. Cray watching the exchange between the two partners with a grin on his face and rolled his eyes heavenward."

Cray turned and picked up a glass jar filled with multi-colored jellybeans and offered them to Jim. "Dessert?"

"Mmh. Don't mind if I do. Oh man, are these banana swirls? You can't find these anywhere, and root beer!"

"Why do I even bother?" Blair sighed and pushed past Jim and Dr. Cray busily stuffing their faces. He stopped abruptly when he saw the body of the dead man on the table. The lower half was draped with a sheet, but the rest of the torso was in plain sight. His face was almost unrecognizable from eyes swollen shut, to the cuts and bruises that discolored his cheeks and mouth.

His torso had purple and blue contusions and lower… Blair groaned and started to back up and turn away from the awful sight. He walked straight into Jim's broad chest.

"Whoa, what's the matter Chief?" Jim's hands had come up to steady him and he looked into Blair's eyes. He saw how pale Blair had become and noticed the faint sheen of sweat that covered his face. Blair stared up into Jim's eyes and tried to concentrate on slowing down his breathing. Jim glanced over his head to the body on the table, then back down at Blair. "Come on Junior. You've seen dead bodies before, hell you see them all the time in your studies."

"Oh man. Jim not like this. I, I mean my bodies have been dead for years. They didn't have the hell beat out of them, and, and then were shot to death!" Blair was stuttering he was speaking so fast.

"Alright, alright. Settle down now. Do you want to wait outside?"

Blair was just about to agree to the suggestion, when he caught Dr. Cray watching the exchange. His resolve stiffened and he shook his head. "No, no I'll be okay."

"You sure about this?" Jim was turning him gently to face the table.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Okay Doc, what did you want to show me?" Jim let him go and took a step towards the table. Blair gritted his teeth and moved next to him staring at Dr. Cray so he didn't have to look down at the body.

"Well, as you can see they did work him over pretty well. He was shot from about five feet away. Pointing to the victim's stomach, Dr. Cray showed them a small bullet wound. "Here's the point of entry. Help me roll him over Jim and I'll show you the exit wound. "He grasped the head and shoulders and Jim turned him from the waist. Dr. Cray pointed to the huge mushroom shaped wound in the victim's back.

The room felt suffocating suddenly. Blair tried to slow down his breathing and concentrate on one breath at a time (Don't look man, just glance in the general area. It's no big deal, you can do this). He glanced sideways at Jim to see if he noticed his increased heartbeat, but Jim was engrossed in what Dr. Cray was showing him (Oh shit, ugh, how can Jim stand this?). Blair tried desperately to block the picture of the wound Cray and Jim were discussing so thoroughly. He closed his eyes and tried to picture some of the artifacts he had just received from a museum in Mexico. Several beautiful pieces of pottery had been lent to the University to be put on exhibit (Nope, it wasn't working). Opening his eyes once more, Blair was just in time to see Dr. Cray gently touching the gaping hole with his gloved fingers. "As you can see, the entry wound was small, but with hollow points, the exit wound is extensive. It explodes once it enters the body and causes this mushroom effect at the exit. It does an enormous amount of damage to the organs."

Blair gasped and took a step back at the sight of the wound. Jim looked up at him and saw his wide-eyed look of shock. "You okay Chief?"

"Yeah, I'm…oh shit." Blair's eyes closed and he passed out, sliding boneless to the floor. Jim pulled off his gloves and turned to kneel next to Blair. Dr. Cray gently lowered the victim's body and pulled off his gloves. He grabbed a small bottle of Spirits of Ammonia off the counter and handed it to Jim. "Here, give him a little whiff."

"Come on kid, come on." Jim wafted it under Blair nose. Groaning softly, Blair came awake. His eyes focused on Jim and he gasped and tried to sit up. "Take it easy, take it easy. Don't move, you're okay."

"Oh man, oh Jim. This is so not where I want to be."

Dr. Cray looked at Jim and smiled nodding towards Blair. "First one?"

"Yeah, and not the best way to start. I should have known better."

Blair could feel himself blushing."Oh man I'm sorry. Jim, I'm sorry. I just saw that, that..."

Helping Blair to his feet, Jim kept his bigger body in front of Blair, blocking his sight of the table. "Come on kid, why don't you wait outside."

Dr. Cray took the bottle back from Jim and capped it. "Relax Blair, it happens to a lot of people the first time. Jim, we're finished here. I'll send the report with my findings up to Captain Banks."

"Thanks Doc. Lets get you out of here Junior." Draping an arm over his shoulder, Jim guided the younger man out the door and into the hallway.

Blair pushed a tangle of his curls away from his face nervously. He glanced up into Jim's face trying to read his expression. Putting his head down, Blair took a deep breath and started speaking fast. "Jim, I can't believe I did that. When this gets around. Oh man, they're gonna think I'm the biggest wuss around. This is so not cool. Look Jim, if you don't want me working with you..."

"Whoa, slow down. Stop right there." Jim stopped walking and turned to Blair. Blair stopped and had his head down staring at the floor, refusing to look at Jim. He put his hand on Blair's shoulder and gave him a little shake to get his attention. "Hey, hey!" Jim put his large hand under Blair's chin and pulled his face up until his light blue eyes could stare into Blair's darker blue. "Listen to me. You don't have to prove anything to anybody. You already proved yourself when Lash kidnapped you, and again when you kept your head with Kincaid and his gang. Everybody reacts differently the first time they see death up close and personal, stop getting so dramatic."

Blair stared up into his face for a minute."Really?"

Jim laughed and flicked him on the forehead. "Really. Man, you should ask Henri about Rafe. The guy never comes down here. Of course, he keeps telling H. he's afraid of getting that formaldehyde odor in his suits. He won't go ten feet near the place."

"No way." Blair was looking at Jim to see if he was being teased.

"Absolutely. Of course you get some people like Carolyn, the woman loves going to see these bodies.You can't keep her out, it's spooky." Jim was shaking his head and grinning.

Blair turned towards him as they continued walking and was grinning. "Well, lets face it, she was married to you. That alone should tell you something about her."

"Yeah, you know there were times when I was sleeping and I'd wake up to see her just staring at me. It got a little freaky."

"Whoa, man that is a picture I don't want in my head. Okay, enough. I think I get the idea, but from now on, how about you and Simon just share the results from these autopsies with me in a nice boring report. Oh and big guy: NO pictures okay?"


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