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Warning: Spoilers for Sentinel Too

Intercepting the Arrow

by Madraf

Jim Ellison rubbed his hand over his face as Captain Simon Banks walked away from the detective. Rubbing his face did nothing to wipe out the image of the arrow leaving his crossbow. Rubbing his face did nothing to erase the sight of the dead wolf morphing into Sandburg's body. Rubbing his face did nothing to curb the fear that raced through him. What else could the vision mean except that he would be responsible for Sandburg's death? What else could such a blatant vision mean?

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get past this..." Blair had said earlier, confused and hurt by Jim's attitude and lack of forgiveness.

With visions of Sandburg's dead body in his mind, Ellison wasn't willing to do whatever it took, especially if "getting past this" meant Sandburg's death. The anthropologist had saved his sanity and his career, not to mention his life. He wouldn't repay all that with death.

"Do you think you could handle this sentinel thing on your own?" Simon had asked before leaving.

Well, William Ellison had raised his sons to be independent. I guess, Jim thought, now's a good time to get back to that. Independent was a hell of a lot better than being responsible for your best friend's death, even if it meant your best friend didn't think he was your best friend any more.

God, he was tired, if he was thinking in such complicated sentences. He wasn't even sure what he'd meant, only that he would not be the agent of Sandburg's death. He'd already pulled a gun on the younger man. That alone had been reason enough to get him out of the apartment. Sure he could have done a little better but something in him had to have it done now. He had to clear everything from him and concentrate on Alex. He had to concentrate on getting her. He couldn't worry about keeping Sandburg safe at the same time. The farther away from Ellison at this point the better for Sandburg. Distance. Distance was always the safest route.

Ellison pushed himself away from the desk and headed to his silent, barren, and lonely apartment. Putting up with a little loneliness was the least he could do to keep his friend safe.

The End.

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