Stand Alone Stories:


Note: Oldest stories on top, newest on the bottom.


Restoration of Trust 20 KB
This is a response to challenge #19 on Jen and Suzie's page regarding Alex's return.

Epiphany 21 KB
Simon sends Jim and Blair away to come to terms with the events since The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Sculptor of Souls 14 KB
The aftershocks from TSbyBS become too painful for Jim to tolerate.

Hilltop Hour 82 KB
Jim must become Blair's guide to help him recover after a serious accident.

You Are 24 KB
Just a smarmy little thing that had been playing around in my mind.

Duet 72 KB
Two stories in one. Both take place before the series finale. Part One: The aftermath of Blair's decision not to "wait in the truck." Part Two: Blair has a surprising reaction to a school shooting.

Healing Words 20 KB
Blair talks to Naomi when she has second thoughts about the events of TSbyBS, and Jim overhears the conversation.

Shock Waves 110 KB
A tragedy threatens to destroy Jim. Takes place post-TSbyBS.

Jubilee 32 KB
There's a time and place for everything,including forgiveness. Takes place post-TSbyBS.

North Star 10 KB
Sometimes the universe can be an overwhelming place.

Forty Years of Dreams 14 KB
A milestone birthday leads to a reflective Sentinel.

Code of Silence 67 KB
Sandburg becomes the object of a father's wrath.

All For Love 52 KB
Three vignettes built around the theme of friendship and the lyrics of a song. Pre-TSbyBS.

Food For the Soul 3 KB
A Thanksgiving Drabble.

Reflections of Terror 98 KB
October, memories of Lash, and a new killing spree in Cascade.

When Thunder Sleeps 21 KB
Blair's worst nightmare seems to be coming true. (This one just ignores the events of TSbyBS completely!)

Resolutions 20 KB
A New Years story.

Through the Eyes of a Friend 20 KB
A friendship viewed through the eyes of a captain and friend.

Baptism by Fire 20 KB
Blair survived the fountain, Alex is in custody, and Jim must deal with the fallout.

December Sojourn 15 KB
To you all with prayers for peace on earth in the coming year.

Sacrifice Denied 65 KB
A bomber threatens to destroy the buildings of Cascade.

Last Resort 210 KB
Sentinel and guide are forced to test the true depth of their friendship when a deadly disease threatens.

Phoenix Rising 21 KB
A bittersweet anniversary for Jim.

By Any Other Name 28 KB
The flu hits Cascade and naturally our guide falls ill.

The Greatest Gift 52 KB
A Christmas story, complete with lots of angst, smarm and plenty of warm fuzzies.

Haywire 486 KB
Part 1 Part 2
Jim and Blair face an ex-military zealot who has discovered the secret of Jim's senses.

Listen to My Heart 33 KB
A companion to Baptism by Fire from Blair's POV.

Too Close To The Ground 28 KB
Reflections on friendship and lives too fragile.

The One Left Behind 88 KB
Blair must come to terms with a devestating loss. NO canon character deaths!

Hollow Soul 114 KB
Jim's cover is blown during a dangerous undercover assignment.

Award: "Outstanding Comfort Scene"

Brushes of Memory 32 KB
Lyric based story (also a death story but please read the notes!)

Mistaken Identity 243 KB
Wrong place, wrong time...
Warning: Rape scene. It's not overly graphic, but be forewarned. It's there.

Obsession 133 KB
A serial killer stalks the city.

Tidings of Comfort 41 KB
Just a little seasonal angst, h/c, and joy...

March Memoriam 27 KB
Jim and Blair cope with another anniversary of Jim's helicopter crash in Peru.