Perception Series:


I suppose practically every author in the world of TSFF has tried to deal with the aftermath of 'The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg' in their own unique way. The 'Perceptions' series began as my attempt to create a resolution to the episode that I could live with. The original three stories, 'A Matter of Perception', 'Vengeance is Mine' and 'You Can Run' were eventually joined by the others, all following the same storyline. The later stories draw on events in the original trilogy to different degrees, and it's certainly possible to read them without having read the original three stories. I've also written other stories that deal with TSBS in different ways because it's interesting to me to play with the idea of how Jim and Blair would deal with those life-altering events. I hope you'll enjoy the stories in the 'Perceptions' series.


The first two stories listed here are not directly connected to the series. Instead they show the story behind certain elements in the other stories.


Affirmation 20 KB
My first Sentinel story, and the one that introduced the pendants of jaguar and wolf that figure in later stories.

Vision Quest 57 KB
Blair searches for answers to his questions about his role as Jimís shaman. Takes place sometime after Warriors and TS2 but before the series finale.

A Matter of Perception 105 KB
The aftershocks from TSbyBS become too painful for Jim to tolerate.

Deadline 105 KB
Blair is kidnapped, and Jim must find him before time runs out.

Second Strike 280 KB
Jim agrees to return to military life for a training mission in the jungles of Peru. There is one implied abuse scene. Nothing graphic, however.

Award: "Outstanding Long Story

Interlude 35 KB
Discussion of abuse. Nothing graphic, however.

Vengeance is Mine 131 KB
A voice from Jim's past returns to haunt him and to destroy Sandburg.

You Can Run 51 KB
Direct sequel to Vengeance is Mine. That story must be read first to understand this one.

Tamed 51 KB
A Christmas Story - The sentinel meets *The Little Prince* at Christmas time.

Last Man Standing 242 KB
Jim helps Simon's old friend with a serial murder case.

False Assumption 160 KB
Jim is the suspect in an attack on Blair's life.

Seasonal Serenade 61 KB
A two part story for Christmas and the coming of the new millennium.

The Return 210 KB
Jim and Blair return to the jungles of Peru.

Sacrifices 282 KB
Blair's expedition with Eli Stoddard has unforeseen and life-threatening consequences.