On Ice...

Shattered Dreams 118 KB
There's a dark secret in Blair's past, that he hasn't told his friend.

Guilt 126 KB
Blair gets hurt while trying to save Jim's life.

Recovery 127 KB
This story is a sequel to both Shattered Dreams and Guilt. It tells the story of Blair's recovery from his massive injuries.
-Auction story for Moonridge-

On Ice 355 KB
Fourth installment in the Dark Secret Universe.
-Auction story for Moonridge-



Out of the Darkness:

 Will You Remember Me? 590 KB 
Part 1  Part 2
AU continuation from the point following Blair's drowning in the fountain to and past the events in TSbyBS.

No More Shadows 212 KB
This story is a sequel to Will You Remember Me?



Nothing Happens Randomly:

Gone Fishin' 70 KB 
Epilogue to Crossroads.

The Road to Hell... 106 KB
Blair's thoughts on the events from Foreign Exchange to Sentinel Too.

Nothing Happens in this Universe Randomly... 342 KB
What happens after TSbyBS?

Roses are Red... 173 KB
Jim and Blair investigate some disturbing incidents at the University.



Finding the Right Path:

Without Trust there is Nothing 191 KB
This story picks up during Sentinel, Too, Part One and carries on past the end of The Sentinel, Too, Part Two.

Through A Glass Darkly 519 KB
Part 1  Part 2
Follow-Up to Without Trust...This one deals with the consequences of TSbyBS.

Shadowlands 354 KB
Blair leads some students on an expedition. Everything goes well until some terrorists turn up.




Distant Thunder 303 KB 
Crossover with Stargate SG-1.

Fire And Ice 176 KB
Sequel to Distant Thunder.

Desert Wind 203 KB
Third story in the SG-22 universe



Brothers in Time:

Excerpts from Memories of the Jungle

"Why aren't we the same age? Why am I so much older than you?"

"You aren't, not always. Our souls are the same age. The first time, we were born the same night in the same village… but, inevitably, a lifetime came when we didn't perish together. Sometimes, one of us lives a lot longer than the other. …we started being born on a different schedule."

"Does every soul go through this endless cycle of lives?"

"Not as often as we have. We feel we're needed in the world. You, to protect the innocents. Me, to protect you."

"You said that we feel needed in ‘this world'. Are there other worlds?"

"Oh, yeah, Jim…more than there are numbers to count…the Universe is a big place, expanding all the time, eternally and, well, there are other Universes, too…the possibilities really are, truly, infinite, man."


The Ancient World

  Meltdown 250 KB
  Crossover between TS and H:TLJ.


American Revolution

  Who'd You Be Today 715 KB
   Part 1 Part 2
  This story is a part of the continuing AU that presumes that Jim and Blair have lived many lives over the course of time.


The Old West

  Bitterwood Creek 775 KB
   Part 1 Part 2
  AU situated in the Old West.

  Oak Creek Canyon 325 KB
  Sequel to Bitterwood Creek

  Under the Wide Prairie Sky 507 KB  NEW
   Part 1 Part 2
  Third story in the Bitterwood Creek Old West series.


Into the Future

  My Sentinel 299 KB
  This story is an AU situated in the future.

  Memories of the Jungle 130 KB
  This is a companion piece to 'My Sentinel' and would fit into the story just before the 'epilogue' begins…

  A Sacred Trust 277 KB
  This is a sequel that follows immediately upon 'My Sentinel' and 'Memories of the Jungle'.