Standalone Stories, Missing Scenes and Epilogues, Possible Resolutions to TSbyBS



Standalone Stories

Now That Larry Is Gone 89 KB Award
Epilogue to The Debt.

See No Evil 101 KB
Blair becomes the target of a murderer.

To be or not to be...A Sentinel 117 KB
Jim wants to get rid of his senses and it has some consequences.

Just friends! 61 KB
The guys realize what people are thinking about them.

The Quality of Silence 320 KB Award
Note: This story was requested by Romanse, who gave me the scenario and some good reasons to write it…not least of which is that a person is whole and can live a full and satisfying life regardless of what some of us might consider a 'disability'.

Enough, Already! 26 KB
Missing scene for Murder 101 - Jim hits Blair intentionally…and Blair hits him back.

The Price of Silence 65 KB
This story was originally published in the zine 'Hear No Evil'.

Just one of those Days 41 KB
Written for Sentinel Thursday - Challenge 113: Forty Things That Only Happen In Movies.

What About Now? 480 KB 
For Suzanne, who requested a gen story based on the same initial conflict scenario as my slash story, Dare to be Tested.

Never Saw Blue 534 KB
Inspired by Hayley Westenra's song of the same name (Words at the end of the story). Warnings: In this story, Jim suffers permanent amnesia.

Digging up Death 137 KB  NEW




Missing Scenes and Epilogues

The Girl Next Door...Epilogue 53 KB
This epilogue is dedicated to DawnC, ListMom, on the fifth anniversary of the SentinelAngst list.

Valley of Doubt 73 KB
This story begins as the episode 'Survival' ends…

Lean On Me 32 KB
Epilogue to 'Dead Drop'.

It's About Friendship 103 KB
Flight - Missing Scenes.

Helpless 63 KB
Missing Scenes and an epilogue to Cypher.

Golden Moments 70 KB
Missing Scenes and epilogue to Blind Man's Bluff.

And so it Begins 18 KB
Missing Scenes from 'The Switchman'.

Research versus Reality 35 KB
Epilogue for 'The Siege'.

Ritual Sacrifice 50 KB
<Missing scenes from'TSbyBS'.

Quiet Desperation 243 KB
A very long 'Murder 101' Missing Scene.

Unexpected 75 KB
Epilogue to Out of the Past.

It's about Trust 117 KB
An Epilogue to Vow of Silence.




Possible Resolutions to TSbyBS

In Plain Sight 235 KB
I thought I had TSbyBS options worked out of my system, but apparently not. This story takes Blair down a different path…

Breakdown 98 KB
This could be an answer to Crosswork's themefic to come up with a story if something had happened differently and changed the course of events in the series…

'If You Go Down to the Woods Today…' 356 KB
Another solution to TSbyBS.

The Choices We Make 368 KB Award
This story begins immediately upon the episode 'Crossroads'…and ends post-TSbyBS.

Ship to Shore (Co-written with Imbrillig) 246 KB
Yet another solution to TSbyBS.

The Auction 176 KB
This story has been written for the Moonridge 2006 Online Auction and I thank Janet for the original idea.

In the Arms of an Angel 174 KB
Another solution to TSbyBS.