Moonridge 2007 Stories


Moonridge 2007 Quadrangle for PatK

Lives on the Line 48 KB
For PatK, who requested a scene involving preparation for, involvement in, or the aftermath of a battle in return for a donation to the Moonridge Auction 2007.

About the Tattoo 18 KB
For PatK, in response to your wish to know why Jim so vehemently opposed the idea of a tattoo.

Holding On 38 KB
For PatK in response to your Moonridge 2007 request to know Blair's reasons for following Jim to Mexico.

Back to Back 148 KB
For PatK, in response to your Moonridge 2007 'Back to Back' Challenge.



A Trio for Hopeanne, with thanks for her generous donation to Moonridge:

No Way 15 KB
Hope wanted to know how, in Night Train, Blair knew Jim wasn't dead…

Aftermath 81 KB
Hope requested an epilogue to Cypher ….

Delayed Impact 153 KB
Hope suggested that perhaps Blair had been hurt more badly than he let on after falling into the dig in Breaking Ground, and asked for an epilogue that would explore such a scenario.